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All of the fine products you will find at The Little Pasta Shop are manufactured by Pasta People in West Babylon, NY.  We have been in business for over 30 years.  We are a culinary solutions company providing chains, independent restaurants, and other food-service establishments with innovative products, new menu concepts, and profitable operational ideas. We have more than 300 varieties of pasta, unique ravioli, and thin crust pizza shells that are made by chefs for chefs. 


Our incredible pastas start with a custom milled 100% stoneground semolina flour and fresh eggs.  We slowly knead it and then extrude it through bronze dies to give it a coarse texture that captures sauces better. The flavors and textures enable our pasta to stand alone without complex sauces.  We then package it in a heat sealed container.  The result is a rustic, handmade style that will enhance any dish you prepare. 

"It's what's inside that matters"

From the very start, Pasta People has been designed around our customers' needs, along with a chef's perspective.  Our exciting line of filled pasta offers our customers a wide variety of shapes and fillings to choose from, providing an unlimited supply of exciting dishes.  The heart of our operation is our kitchen, which features stations for roasting, braising, grilling and reducing stocks.  The bold flavors of our fillings come from our willingness to roast our own garlic, and caramelize our onions.  All of our fillings are made in-house where we prepare our own stocks and then delicately season them with fresh herbs and spices.  We then wrap the filling in thinly rolled dough made with custom milled durum flour.


The result is a rough-chopped, handmade look with identifiable 'made from scratch" flavors that are as close as you can get to making your own pasta.  New items are being developed daily.  We use Old World Techniques, cutting-edge technology and have a burning passion to be the best.

We manufacture in a USDA facility and follow HACCP guidelines.